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Get better regulation of Field Staff…

Get better regulation of Field Staff…!

Managing staff can be hard enough with your back end tasks operating in an office and your field staff deployed in the field while collaborating both ends, tracking them and the renewable energy EPC projects.

  • Do you have the real time reporting of all your staff?
  • Are you really aware of the efficiency and the productivity of your staff?
  • Are you still relying on the ancient methods of data collection and reporting?
  • Is your renewable EPC business not showing expected results?

All these are the factors that decide the efficiency of your business because workforce is your ultimate asset.

So what’s the solution?

You need a solution that allows you to capture, manage and analyse your staff, your order at all stages of the process of Solar EPC business and then accordingly lets you to easily assign a job to them. All this can be accomplished very systematically with OctaBees ERP software. OctaBees is a cloud based collaborative platform along with Mobile App that brings your organisation closer to subcontractors, dealers, suppliers, engineers and other associates. It enables the automatic, rapid and accurate flow of information between the field force and back office operations.

Job Assignment With Mobile App

Without proper means, identifying the people with right skill set for a particular kind of work becomes a challenging task for the employer. With OctaBees EPC ERP HR Module you can effortlessly and directly assign jobs to your field staff irrespective of their work site location and depending on pending projects. The visibility of this assignment can be decided by the admin.

Keep track of location and time of all your staff members

OctaBees ERP HR Module provides accurate capture of employee check-in, check-out, permissions, over-time and other relevant details of your staff. The Software also tracks the location of the field staff at time of their check in and check out to cross-check its reliability. Also, better leave management is ensured through instant leave Requests and approval process. All these features can be easily accessed through your mobile device by the OctaBees EPC ERP Mobile App.

Maintain Daily Progress Report through Mobile App

For any employer it is most essential to identify the productivity and efficiency of their field staff to ensure maximum output of the project. With all the data available on a single interface, this can be easily done through OctaBees EPC ERP Software which enables you to have an overall insight on the daily progress report of the staff and their analytics.

Notifications and Alerts

With instant notifications via e-mails & SMS, and pop ups on your system, OctaBees Software notifies you about the current status of any project as well as alerts you before-hand of any approaching deadlines. This allows you to take real time decisions and further plan the path of your project accordingly

So without any further delay manage your field staff efficiently with the best ERP Software- OctaBees.


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