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OctaBees Software enables you to an automated purchase management process for creating the purchase order, gathering the different vendor details, sending the PO to the vendors directly through emails, ordering, tracking the inventories against the PO, and doing much more. Managing the RFQ, bill receipts, inventory purchases, and much more.

Vendor Management

OctaBees Software helps you to gather the details of the various different vendors along with the bank details and also the product administration.

  • Setup Vendor in System
  • Capture different contact information
  • Setup Bank Details and GST Details
  • Setup Products and Make for it

Purchase Order Management

This module helps you to buy which is best for your business with a pre-automated defined process of creating the purchase order of the vendors.

  • Create Purchase Order
  • Approval workflow
  • Send PO to Vendor via Email
  • Receive Inventory against PO
  • Record Payment against PO
  • Keep track of PO changes
  • PO History for each activity
  • Audit Trail- keeping track of who is changing what at field level
  • Internal Notes for each PO
  • Create Bill from PO
  • Add additional Expenses, Custom Duty, Transportation to calculate the Landing Cost of the material.

RFQ (Request for Quotation)

OctaBees Software assist you in creating the RFQ and sending it directly to the vendors along with the quotation and order stage.

  • Create RFQ and Send it to the Vendor via Email
  • Each vendor will receive a link in the email to submit a price/proposal/quotation
  • Receive proposals on the system, review them in comparison view -Lowest prices highlighted
  • Select the correct price and create the PO directly

Bill Receipt

Allowing an easy record of billing and sending it to the vendors with appropriate reminders and much more.

  • Record Vendor Bill
  • Record Payment against the Bill
  • Upload the documents
  • SMS/Email Notification on Payment
  • Highlight deviation in PO vs BILL – Quantity, Price
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