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OctaBees ERP: Complete hasslefree procure to pay to control business spend and faster procurement process.

Streamline orders, collaborate with suppliers, and optimize spending for faster and enhanced purchasing.

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Procurement management

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OctaBees Purchase Management

Your Key to Procurement Success

Complete Procure to Pay Process

Complete procure to pay process

OctaBees ERP’s purchase management software helps you throughout the entire procurement process, allowing you efficient purchase management, reducing manual errors, and enhancing your control over purchase & expenses.

  • Online vendor registration
  • Purchase indent and approvals
  • Purchase order and approvals
  • Customized PO and work order formats
  • System-sent PO to vendor
  • Receive material for PO
  • Approval on payment request
  • Vendor payment on approved request
  • Upload documents received from vendor
  • Upload design/specification documents for vendor
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Finance Control Over Purchase

Finance control over purchase

Take control of your budget with OctaBees ERP purchase management, allowing you to track and manage spending on purchase with precision with complete approval workflow mechanism.

  • Multi-level PO approval
  • Multi-level PO approval on price range
  • Multi-level approval for different BU
  • Approval based on exceeding budget amount
  • Approval based on exceeding budget quantity
  • Complete visibility on spend
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RFQ_ Getting Right Vendor in Best Price

RFQ: Getting right vendor in best price

OctaBees ERP’s RFQ feature streamlines sourcing, making it easy to request, compare, and secure the most competitive deals from qualified vendors.

  • Creating RFQs from purchase requisitions/indent
  • Send to multiple vendors
  • Select or upload products, documents
  • Vendor fills prices and upload documents
  • Request for revisions
  • Price comparison and approvals
  • Create PO for selected vendor

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase Management Software is a powerful tool designed to streamline the procurement process, from purchase requests to order management. It benefits organizations by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance.

Purchase Management Software typically includes features like purchase order management, procurement analytics, vendor management, spend tracking, and integration with financial systems.

Purchase Management Software provides robust expense tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor and control spending, allocate costs accurately, and generate comprehensive expense reports.

Yes, Purchase Management Software offers purchase approval workflows that automate the approval process, ensuring that purchase requests are reviewed and approved efficiently.

OctaBees Purchase Management Software is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering scalability and customization to meet specific procurement and expense management needs. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, hospitality, education, construction, energy, telecommunications, finance, government, or any other sector, OctaBees Purchase Management Software can streamline your procurement processes effectively.

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