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Partnering for growth

Join a Win-win Partnership that elevates our  mutual Growth. 

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Why OctaBees

  • Leading ERP software with web and mobile apps
  • Versatile multi-vertical solutions
  • Highly customizable and user-friendly
  • Easy-to-use state of art user interface
  • Dedicated support & implementation
  • Catered to 200+ Customers in 12+ Countries
  • 10+ Years of experience
  • Sound technical and functional team
  • Passionate culture, continuous innovation

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Partnership Benefits

  • Enhanced income via sales commissions
  • Align with OctaBees’ esteemed brand
  • Reach Industry Market extensively
  • Broaden business horizons
Partnership Benefits

Engagement Model Types

There are three types of Partnership program providing opportunities for both individuals and organizations to join our network.



A Referral Channel Partner is a valued individual or organization that actively identifies and connects potential Clients with OctaBees ERP Software. Our referral partners receive competitive commissions or referral fees for their efforts, contributing to mutual growth. Bycollaborating with OctaBees, our referral partners play a pivotal role in expanding our customer base, driving sales, and creating a lucrative revenue stream for the Partner.



A Sales Partner, whether termed as a reseller or distributor, represents an individual or entity tasked with promoting and selling OctaBees ERP Software to customers. Operating as an independent business entity, our authorized sales partners have the exclusive privilege of marketing, selling, and providing support for OctaBees’ product within designated geographic regions or specific market segments.

Sales & Implementation

Sales & Implementation

OctaBees ERP Software offers two categories of valued partners: Sales Partners, also known as resellers or distributors, who are entrusted with the promotion and sale of our software to clients, operating independently within designated territories or market segments. Additionally, our Implementation Partners play a pivotal role in configuring, integrating, and deploying OctaBees ERP Software to meet clients’ specific needs, encompassing project management, system integration, rigorous testing, and training. They collaborate closely with our internal IT team and other project stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and tailored solution, while also providing ongoing support and maintenance post-deployment.

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Get in Touch

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Partner Location

310 Atlantis, Opp. Vadodara Central Mall, Vadodara, India 390007

Partner Email

Partner Phone

+91 820 032 1633

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