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Before starting any project, planning is a crucial part and if you fail in doing so, you are in great trouble. Executing a project with appropriate planning and within the timeline is indeed excellent work. During this process, many challenges are faced such as miscommunications within the departments, costing-budgeting, losing track of the project’s progress, and much more. It’s better to adopt an automated project management solution rather than barring the loss.

Octabees offers the No. 1 ERP Software for EPC companies with project management functionality fulfilling the requirements of every project manager right from set-up processes and subprocesses to the end. Additionally, it also sends notifications with tracking and analysis of the project.

Project Planning

Project planning in OctaBees Software enables you to effectively plan for the project such as what, when, and who within an appropriate time frame. Right from task assigning to notification along with the material requirements every task is planned and tracked accordingly.

  • Load Project Plan from Master Activity/Process List, make an adjustment for the current project
  • Project Job Assignment- Activity, Timeline, and Person
  • Notification on Job Assignment to Person- Email, SMS, Mobile App Push Notification
  • Reminder on Job X days before and on same day
  • Escalation to higher authority if Job has not yet started or its delayed then actual duration
  • Setup the measurable components to which process progress can be tracked- i.e Panels, Foundation, Cable, etc
  • Create a detailed schedule of Component installation
  • Setup Material Requirements from BOM/Costing
  • Project Specific Procurement

Project Execution

This module assists you with the project material tracking until the material requisition. The person working on the field can also update the progress of the activities through a user-friendly mobile application and can smoothly execute the project planning.

  • Material Tracking for the project
  • Product Requisition and Approval
  • Refurbishing Activity Status from Mobile by assigned person/site in-charge
  • Updating the daily component installation progress from Mobile by assigned person/site in-charge
  • Upload Photos, Videos, and Document for each activity
  • Material Dispatch
  • Record the expense – Labour, Tool Fees, Travelling, Food, Accommodation, etc.

Project Tracking & Analysis

The project tracking and analysis module permits you to keep a close eye on all the materials, resources, performance of the overall project, and individuals in the execution of the project. Additionally, effective tracking and analysis of the project help you understand more in debt the pros & cons and the risk factors involved in the project. Identically, their daily updates benefit you for seamless project execution.

  • Scheduled Project Progress Report- Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Dependent Process Notification on Completion/Start
  • Track Project on Gantt-Chart
  • Project Dashboard
  • Planned Material vs Actual Material
  • Scheduled Time vs Actual Time
  • Expected Cost vs Actual Cost
  • Kanban Project Board-Birds eye view
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