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HR Made Easy: Everything in One Place

Achieve HR excellence with our software, consolidating everything from recruitment to payroll into one cohesive platform, so you can focus on your people, not paperwork.

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HR management

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Employee Information Management_ & HR Policies

Employee Information management: & HR policies

With OctaBees HR management software conveniently capture and organize essential employee details. Configure diverse HR policies for departments, locations, and branches, covering working days, off days, working hours, late-coming rules, and leave deductions.

  • Create comprehensive employee profiles
  • Capture all required documents
  • Track asset allocations (mobile, laptops, tools, etc)
  • Customizable HR policies
  • Working days and hours configuration
  • Late coming and leave deduction rules
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Leave and Attendance Management

Leave and attendance management

Simplify leave requests, attendance tracking, and overtime calculations with OctaBees. convenient leave requests, real-time attendance reports, and easy integration of biometric attendance systems.

  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Monitor attendance in real-time
  • Live geolocation tracking
  • Leave balances and accruals
  • Shift management & auto Leave credits
  • Bio-metric attendance integration
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Payroll and Compensation Management

Payroll and compensation management

OctaBees excels in payroll and compensation management. Calculate salaries, deductions, and benefits with accuracy. Generate pay stubs and comprehensive reports, ensuring timely salary disbursements while staying compliant with tax regulations.

  • Salary calculation and auto pay slips on email
  • Deductions and benefits management
  • Custom salary components & multiple salary structures
  • Overtime and comp-off management
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Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self service portal

OctaBees provides an employee portal, enabling employees to manage their profiles and stay updated with features like profile viewing, salary slip downloads, leave applications, and leave approval tracking.

  • Download salary slips
  • Apply leave and check leave balance
  • Request change in information
  • Raise support ticket

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Frequently Asked Questions

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HR Management Software (HRMS) is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline human resources processes, including employee data management, payroll, time tracking, and performance evaluation. Businesses need HRMS to enhance HR efficiency, compliance, and workforce management.

HRMS automates the collection, storage, and retrieval of employee data, simplifying tasks like onboarding, record keeping, and performance reviews. This leads to increased accuracy and efficiency in HR processes.

Key features of HRMS include employee self-service, payroll processing, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, recruitment and applicant tracking, and reporting and analytics.

Yes, HRMS offers payroll processing capabilities that include employee expense management, automate calculations, tax compliance, and direct deposits. It helps ensure accurate and compliant payroll management.

OctaBees HR Management Software is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering scalability and customization to meet specific HR needs. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, hospitality, or any other sector, OctaBees HRMS can streamline your HR processes effectively.

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