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OctaBees ERP:
Powering Wind Industry Excellence

Optimizing Wind Resources and Operations for Sustainable Energy with OctaBees ERP

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Complete Wind Process

Complete Wind Process

OctaBees ERP streamlines the entire wind energy project cycle in the Wind EPC industry, ensuring efficient site assessment, real-time project planning, easy procurement, timely construction and commissioning.

  • Tender Management
  • Land Aquisition
  • Civil Work
  • Mechanical Work
  • Grid Infrastructure
  • O&M & Services
Comprehensive Wind Project Management

Comprehensive Wind Project Management

OctaBees ERP offers a dedicated platform for Wind EPC project management, providing real-time insights for optimized resource allocation, cost control, and timely project delivery. This ensures the successful execution of wind energy projects from start to finish.

  • Detail Project Management
  • Multi-level Work breakdown structure
  • Qualtiy Check and Service Forms – Mobile App
  • Upload Photos/Document from Mobile App
  • Contractor Management
  • Mobile App for Site Engineers
  • Gantt Chart & Kanban Board
  • Payment Milestone Reminders
  • Procurement Process
  • RFQ -Request For Quotation – Comparison Statement
Total control & Visibility

Total control & Visibility

In the Wind EPC sector, OctaBees ERP offers total visibility and control, specializing in subcontractor management, asset tracking, and financial oversight, enabling data-driven decisions and maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Purchase Control
  • Finance Control
  • Expense
  • Material
  • Manpower Hours Controls
  • Escalation Matrix

OctaBees ERP: Streamlined Efficiency and Flexibility

OctaBees ERP is a versatile solution offering customized workflows, role-based access, templates, real-time tracking, notifications, departmental dashboards, cloud/on-premises options, scalability, user-friendliness, integration ease, and enhanced analytical reporting for multi-company and branch support.

  • Customized workflows & automation
  • Role & right based access
  • Multiple customizable templates
  • Real-time visibility and tracking
  • SMS, email & mobile app notification
  • Dashboard view for each department
  • On the cloud and on-premises
  • Robust, flexible & scalable
  • Mobility & user-friendly
  • Ease of integration
  • Improved analytical report
  • Multi-companies & branch support

OctaBees CRM: Making Customer Engagement Effortless

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships are crucial for business success. OctaBees CRM software offers a universal solution to increase the efficiency of the sales processes, track leads, and convert them into clients. By centralizing customer data, manufacturers can better understand their clients’ needs and preferences, allowing for more targeted marketing and product development. The software enables manufacturers to track leads through the entire sales cycle, from initial contact to closing deals.In addition, real-time lead tracking and reporting tools allow manufacturing companies to optimize their sales strategies, ultimately leading to boosts profits and increases competitiveness in the market.

  • User defined sales process
  • Lead from various sources
  • Lead assignment rules
  • Follow-up & reminders
  • Custom quotation templates
  • Costing/Budgeting- BOQ/BOM
  • Send quotation from CRM
  • Closing probability & lead Scoring
  • Channel Partner/Dealer/Distributors login
  • Sales target & commissions
  • Approval process (quotation/sales order)
  • Tax & proforma invoice
  • Various sales dashboards
  • Payment collection receipt
  • Territory management
  • Integrations – Just Dial, Indiamart, etc
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Project Managament

OctaBees Project Management: From Chaos to Clarity.

Efficient project management is essential in various industries, where complex processes and tight schedules are common challenges. OctaBees Project Management Software offers a versatile solution to streamline project planning, resource allocation, and task tracking. It enables manufacturing businesses to establish precise project milestones, keep an eye on development in real time, and guarantee that production runs as planned. Our software facilitates cross-functional team collaboration, guaranteeing that all project participants have access to the most recent data and modifications. With OctaBees Project Management Software, manufacturing firms can reduce delays, minimize production bottlenecks, and maintain quality control, ultimately leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

  • Planning -Execution-Tracking
  • Multi-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Purchase from BOQ
  • Material receipt at site (GRN)
  • Consumption of material
  • Quality check for installation
  • Sub-contracting
  • Planned Vs actual BOM
  • Project dashboard
  • Project profitability
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OctaBees Inventory Management: From Stockroom to Success.

Effective inventory management is vital across various sectors, particularly in industries where materials and goods are in constant transition. OctaBees Inventory Management Software provides a comprehensive solution with real-time visibility into their inventory levels, making it possible for them to plan their purchases and production efficiently.By automating reorder points, the software minimizes the risk of stock outs or overstocking. OctaBees Inventory Management Software helps businesses lower transportation expenses, improve production efficacy, and enhance product quality by ensuring the availability of necessary components.

  • Product master setup
  • Inward stock (GRN)
  • Outward stock (delivery note/challan)
  • Stock transfer
  • Warehouse management
  • Warehouse locations
  • Inward quality check
  • Low stock notification
  • Stock valuation
  • Inventory audit
  • Material inward notification
  • Material discard with reasons
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OctaBees Purchase Management: Cost Control at Your Fingertips.

OctaBees Purchase Management Module helps manufacturers streamline their procurement processes, track expenses, and manage payments effectively. OctaBees ERP Software automates purchase order creation, approval workflows, and supplier invoice processing. This automation not only reduces manual data entry and paperwork but also minimizes errors and delays in payment processing. Furthermore, the software offers real-time visibility into costs, empowering producers to choose wisely when it comes to resource allocation and cost-cutting measures. By optimizing expense and payment management, companies can enhance financial control, reduce operating costs, and boost overall profitability.

  • Purchase requisition & multi-level approvals
  • Purchase order & multi-level approvals
  • Purchase budget control
  • Custom PO and work-order formats
  • Quality check at vendor location
  • Upload documents/designs/specifications
  • Request For Quotation(RFQ) -Vendor price comparison
  • Vendor bill booking
  • Purchase expense booking- landing cost
  • Online vendor registration & management
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OctaBees HR Management: People-First HR Solutions.

OctaBees HR Management Software streamlines various HR functions such as recruitment, employee onboarding, and performance management.
In order to increase efficiency , businesses use the software to source and hire skilled workers quickly, manage their training and certifications, and track their performance in real-time. Moreover, the software helps in attendance and leave management, that shifts are sufficiently filled and that shifts schedules are met. OctaBees HR Management Software enables companies to optimize their workforce, lower administrative costs, and maintain a motivated and skilled workforce.

  • Detail employee management
  • Leave management
  • Salary structure & payroll
  • Attendance & timesheet
  • Shift management
  • Mobile app-based attendance
  • Expense management
  • KRA
  • Employee self service portal
  • Overtime calculation & approval
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OctaBees O&M: Where Maintenance Meets Management.

OctaBees Operations and Maintenance Management Software can help Industry leaders streamline their maintenance processes, plan preventive maintenance schedules, and manage equipment and asset maintenance histories. By scheduling maintenance tasks proactively and tracking equipment performance in real-time, manufacturers can reduce unexpected breakdowns and costly production stoppages. Moreover, the software provides insights into maintenance scheduling and resource allocation, enabling better budgeting and cost control.

  • O&M project creation
  • HOTO process
  • Spare inventory m anagement
  • AMC management
  • AMC due reminder
  • Service schedule & reminder
  • Service form, photos upload
  • Complaint assignment & tracking
  • Quotation & invoices
  • Repair & replacements
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OctaBees Manufacturing ERP: Empowering Your Production Line.

OctaBees Manufacturing Module ERP Software empowers businesses to optimize production, reduce costs, enhance quality, and facilitate growth in today’s dynamic market landscape.Production Planning makes sure that resources are used effectively, meeting diverse customer demands, whether Made to Order or Made to Stock. Palletizing and Packing List capabilities streamline order fulfillment, reducing errors and shipping costs. Features like Wastage/Scrap Tracking contribute to cost control and sustainability goals. Lastly, support for Job Work/Subcontracting operations enables companies to expand their capabilities while retaining control.

  • Production planning
  • Made to order and Made to stock
  • Assembly line-wise production
  • Work center wise job recording
  • Customized quality check form
  • Barcode enabled work center
  • Palletizing & packing list
  • Serial number-barcode printing
  • Wastage/scrap tracking
  • Job work/sub contracting
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OctaBees Tender Management: Streamline Tender Processes for Success.

Within the OctaBees Tender Management system, an all-encompassing solution is at your fingertips. It facilitates document uploads, forms dedicated Tender Teams, captures BG and PBG information, records critical dates with notifications, conducts Win-Loss Analysis, competitor assessments, and state and agency-wise evaluations. OctaBees streamlines your tendering process, ensuring efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

  • Upload all documentation
  • Tender team formation
  • BG and PBG catpuring
  • Capture all critical dates
  • Notification on dates
  • Win-Loss analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • State wise analysis
  • Agency wise analysis
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Daily Progress

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