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Enhance your field force management through proficient process

Transform your business with a top-notch field staff management software at your fingertips.Additionally, it directs you with real-time access to current locations and empowers the team using the job assigned management. Through a feature-rich user-friendly mobile application manage the field staff attendance, task assign, project progress, expenses, and digital analytical reports. Moreover, it helps you keep a daily update about the employee and according to the report can easily track the performance. OctaBees ERP system has integrated project management tools which can help EPC companies manage their projects more effectively. The asset to the field staff is they can manage their work over the phone.

Mobile Application

  • Minimize your efforts by monitoring your filed-staff through a mobile application.
  • Mobile workforce management feature helps to track the real-time location and status of field workers, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

Smart Attendance

  • Simple check-in and check-out enables location tracking on a timely basis and optimize filed activities.

Task Management

  • Assign the different tasks to your field staff individually and manage your track status accordingly.
  • Record the task of the field workers.
  • Keep a record of the task time, and delay time of all the assigned task.
  • Fill out the online form for all the tasks.
  • Status update on the project progress.

Geo Location

  • GPS tracking helps you ensure your employee’s location and time details.
  • This feature allows field workers to collaborate and communicate with colleagues and managers in real-time, improving coordination and decision-making.

Photo Capturing

  • Capturing photos and uploading them to make sure the project completion with customers is satisfactory.

Ease of communication

  • Communicate with your sales team, marketing team through message and notification for improved productivity.

Therefore, by implementing Octabees ERP , EPC companies can improve their productivity, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their overall operational performance.

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