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OctaBees Manufacturing Mastery

Optimize, Streamline, Excel in Production

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OctaBees Manufacturing ERP

Empowering Your Production Line

Streamlined Production Workflow

Streamlined Production Workflow

OctaBees ERP’s Manufacturing Module streamlines operations, reduces lead times, and saves costs by simplifying assembly line and routing setup, it adapts quickly to market changes.

  • Production Planning
  • Assembly line/Routing Setup
  • 3rd Party Job work
  • Material In and Material Out Tracking
  • Material Request- Issue-Consumption
  • Multi-level BOM
  • Assembling/Disassembling
  • Palletizing- Packing List
  • Shift-wise Production
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Improve Finished Product Quality

Improve Finished Product Quality

OctaBees ERP helps manufacturers maintain excellent product quality, reduce defects, and keep customers delighted.

  • Custom Quality Control Form
  • Approval of Rejected Goods
  • Grading based on Quality
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Track Product from Production to Customer

Track Product from Production to Customer

OctaBees ERP serves as a digital GPS for products real-time map of the supply chain, allowing manufacturers to monitor every step of the journey, from inception to delivery.

  • Serial Number Generation
  • Barcode Printing
  • Pallet Number Generation
  • Assign/Remove Serial Numbers
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Complete Web & Mobile Visibility

Complete Web & Mobile Visibility

OctaBees ERP’s synergy with web and mobile applications grants real-time access and flexibility to teams, making data, schedules, and quality management a tap away. This digital duo fosters agility and collaboration, ensuring production processes are not just efficient, but also responsive to the fast-paced demands of the modern market.

  • Production Status
  • Produce Quantity, Pending Quantity
  • Notifications on Activities
  • Daily Reporting

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