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Raise your capabilities to meet the market demand

Manufacturing segments need to deal with various dealers and distributors globally and locally undergoing multiple processes. Many factors affect these processes as a lack of real-time information, and a smooth flow of data across various departments can be a reason for your failure.

OctaBees ERP Software helps manufacturers to streamline their business processes by integrating various functions, such as inventory management, production planning, quality control, and financial management. This helps to eliminate duplication of effort, reduce errors, and increase productivity.
OctaBees ERP Software assists you to implement a successful process to help you to produce the goods on time and with effective costing.

  • Create MO from Customer Order
  • Production planning and Costing
  • Autoload BOM for MO product
  • Setup Routing & Assembly line
  • Create dynamic QC for finish good
  • Material requisition and tracking
  • Finish good Tracking & Transfer
  • Serial number creation and barcode printing
  • Wastage and rework analysis
  • Material Serial number Tracking
  • Packaging & Palleting
  • Grading of the Finish Goods
  • Production progress visibility to Sales Team
  • Made for stock, Made for Order
  • Managing Logistics
  • Repair & Replacements

The demand and supply need to be fulfilled by every manufacturing industry. Well, right from manufacturing the product to processing it to the destination, with the real-time information.

ERP helps to track inventory levels, monitor demand, and optimize production schedules. This ensures that the right amount of materials and products are available at the right time, and helps to reduce inventory carrying costs. OctaBees ERP Software also  helps to monitor and control the quality of raw materials, work in progress, and finished products. This ensures that the products meet the required quality standards and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

By implementing OctaBees ERP Software, the most reliable and flexible system to gain manufacturing operational excellence by successfully eliminating inefficiencies from the management, administration, production, and operations.

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