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Material Mismanagement in EPC

Material Mismanagement in EPC


Usually, you might have experienced that there are misplaced, dispatched, lost, errors in materials of renewable EPCs. For the EPC mismanagement in material deliverables, schedule, price, can cause you a potential loss in the business. 

For example, inaccurate material information, errors in bills, inaccurate count errors, receiving, shipping, dispatching errors and so on can affect the entire project time estimation, increasing the project cost. To remain competitive enough in the industry there are few major material mismanagements. They are as follows:


Warehouse Mismanagement: 

Material Mismanagement in the warehouse mainly consists of cost control, accuracy, efficiency, security in the process is complex causing various problems across the industries. Balancing the tradeoffs due to resource limitations. In a warehouse, a single serial ticket is passed through multiple hands and can be misplaced or torn or something. Fluctuations in demand cause a serious issue faced due to increased inventory levels. Mainly using the excel or entering the data manually many times leads to error. 

Site Mismanagement: 

It is the most critical to handle the onsite availability so that the materials can be listed to the site inventories within a short period of time. It’s difficult to know the multiple warehouse status capabilities. Forecast availability for future needs and notifying it to a suitable warehouse. A major problem for the onsite management is still the usage of all papers and receipts for the delivery/dispatch process which can lead to the loss of the receipt or error in signing the bill affecting the accuracy and timing.

Procurement Mismanagement: 

The major challenge is to know the stock availability of the materials. Many times there is no clear idea about the goods. The requirements of the vendors are also not very clear which also causes material mismanagement. It also happens that obtaining goods and services at a low price and ensuring the delivery at the time. Receiving the purchasing requisition, receiving and accepting the goods and following the delivery date is all very complex and can be easily missed can be misplaced if any serial number is misplaced or lost.   

Serial Number & Warranty:

Not keeping track of serial numbers and warranty information creates a lot of chaos at the time of customer support resulting in unhappy customers or replacing the product though the warranty is expired, actually making a loss of a lot of credibility and finance.

Overcoming all the challenges, Octabees EPC ERP software solves the problems by giving a cutting edge solution to the EPC companies is software built with a powerful and user-friendly Web & Mobile application specially designed to reduce the chaos of all the EPC companies by streamlining small to big projects with seamless set of modules which helps in successful execution of the project with rightful planning, tracking, and analysis, also keeping a close eye on the project progress and cash-flow. Offering a set of all products listed with unique serial codes reducing the cost, material and time, enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.                                                                                                          

Providing power packed integrated modules such as CRM, Quotations, Project Management, Inventory, Purchase, Invoice, HR, Expenses & Advances, Manufacturing, Tender management, Finance, O&M, Complaints, Repair and Replace Task Management and helping the organization to reach the next level.

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