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Where EPCs are losing Productivity?

Where EPCs are losing Productivity?

With enormous support and encouragement, renewable energy industries have scaled great heights in which the solar industry played a major role in green energy scaling and the future looks blooming with upcoming project plans and policies. However, it is necessary to highlight the challenges faced by EPCs.

EPC companies are facing a lot more challenges and delay in the completion in the timeline as it requires the involvement of internal teams, sub-contracts, vendors, supply warehouses causing an issue in management, productivity, and profitability. Following are the challenges faced by all the EPC companies:

Project Tracking and Analysis:

Well, everyone is aware of the fact that it is important to keep track of the ongoing project and as well as proper planning is required to execute a successful project. Whereas, the extensive reason for the loss of productivity is the lack of project tracking and analysis. 

Field Staff Management:

One of the major issues for an EPC is how to manage the field staff and keep a proper track record of all the activities/tasks. Most of the time it happens that the task is assigned to the worker but it becomes really difficult to keep a record whether the worker has reached the site, started the assigned work or requires any material and so on. 

Inventory Management:

Facing the inventory issues is the major problem for most of the companies. Being unaware of your inventory level is the most negative factor. It’s necessary to know when the stock needs to be refilled, what is in stock and what’s not.  

Centrazie Crucial Data:

Before starting a project or making any decision to collect your data in one place. It happens most of the time that your billing number is lost/been misplaced/located to some other system. This affects the productivity of the company and is a big risk factor. 

Here overcoming the challenges introducing, Octabees EPC ERP is a software built with a powerful and user-friendly Web & Mobile application specially designed to reduce the chaos of all the EPC companies by streamlining small to big projects with seamless set of modules which helps in successful execution of the project with rightful planning, tracking, and analysis, also keeping a close eye on the project progress and cash-flow. It also reduces the cost, material and time, enhancing the overall productivity of the organization. 

Providing power packed integrated modules such as CRM, Quotations, Project Management, Inventory, Purchase, Invoice, HR, Expenses & Advances, Manufacturing, Tender management, Finance, O&M, Complaints, Repair and Replace Task Management and helping the organization to reach the next level.

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