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How can ERP empower EPC business

How can ERP empower EPC business?


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is essentially a business management software. Furthermore, it is typically a set of integrated applications that a business can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from different departments of the organization. This allows rapid sharing of standardized information throughout all departments providing real-time statistics of overall business thus increasing business efficiency.

What are the problems that generally every Renewable EPC has to face?

  • Managing complex project processes
  • Tracking Project wise Inventory
  • Project Cash flow
  • Tracking Time-Cost-Material-Manpower
  • Ever changing Govt Policies and processes
  • O&M and Complaints
  • Collaborations between team across locations

This makes it very difficult for the EPC  Business to follow the project accurately to the last stage.

Energy Sector is a great scope!

As energy consumption will continue to increase in the years to come explicitly, efficient power generation will be a vital component to reliable, eco-friendly energy systems. India aims to achieve 227 GW of energy from renewable sources by 2022. Thus, the renewable energy companies like wind and solar EPC not only have abundant scope in future but will also experience increasing pressure in catering to these ever growing demands.

How can ERP software help you?

This is where ERP Software comes into picture. Another key point, it allows you to handle all the operational requirements of the Industry in most effective and efficient manner. OctaBees EPC ERP Software is a cloud web and mobile application that offers an integrated platform to manage all aspects of EPC Projects like:

Moreover, this would consolidate the back and front end business processes. It aids the EPC business to minimize construction delays due to lag in information, equipment or material supply and enables effective project estimation to execute projects within budget and on time by accurate real time analysis of the project. Additionally, this provides business owners with data visibility, allowing them to examine which part of their processes are most productive and which needs to be improved. Also it has powerful CRM features which helps improve customer relations.

Benefits of OctaBees ERP Software

  1. Seamless Project Execution
  2. In-depth Insights
  3. Increase Productivity and Collaboration
  4. Cost and time reduction
  5. Customer relationship management(CRM)

As and when a department completes their task, the ERP system automatically notifies the user via email or SMS and routes to the next department for further process. The repair and replace module checks warranty period and also improves response to customers allowing you to maintain your customer base and improve your services.

So stay a step ahead of your competitors by productively handling your business with our OctaBees ERP Software!

Written By:

  • Kartavi Patel
  • Riya Chaubey


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