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Build more trust with your customers

Building more trust with customers and stockholders are important to for any business to retain the business and future growth. OctaBees Software provides a complete visibility to the stockholders about project related activities.

Get rid of tedious email communication with clear way of collaboration with your stack holders

  • Create Stack holder login into System to Allow access
  • Stack holders can only see their own projects
  • Upload Documents & Photos for Stack holders to see
  • Request Approval on the Document (i.e Design)
  • Comments on Documents
  • Notify stack holders when sending approval request

By providing access to customer portal, customer can

  • Track Project Progress (Gantt Chart & other analytics)
  • View Project Progress Photos
  • View Material Consumption and Stock
  • Download & View Documents (i.e Product Documents, Design files, etc)
  • Approve/Reject the Files (i.e Design Files)
  • Comments & discussion on Files
  • Email Notification on Comments, Approval & Rejection

Single platform to collaborate with the all stack holders without any ambiguity

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