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The World’s Largest Solar Concentrator

The Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is located at Goraj in Muni Seva Ashram. By adding the World’s largest solar concentrator, they have incorporated another identity. Australia National University and Sunrise CSP Australia developed the concentrator named BigDish. It will produce steam for cooking 2,000 meals a day and handle laundry and sterilization for them. The concentrator is expected to help reduce the hospital’s electricity bills.

The installation of BigDish is a significant step for the Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. It’s one of the efforts to provide high-quality cancer care while also reducing its environmental impact.

According to Deepak Gadhia “The technology will also help in running 1,000 tonnes of air-conditioning using solar steam instead of electricity for the 400-bed cancer hospital. thereby reducing the cost that the hospital incurs on electricity bills.

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