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Why OctaBees ERP?

OctaBees is a leading All in One enterprise software with cutting-edge cloud and mobile applications to manage end-to-end business processes for EPC companies to increase productivity and profitability.

The complexity and unique needs of the solar company were addressed by OctaBees ERP, a pioneer in the field for more than ten years. Using an open system and its versatility, our software may be customized to meet the specific requirements of your business. Moreover, extreme scalability is offered to ensure that the program expands with your organization.

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Why Octabees ERP

Trusted by Industry Leaders

How Octabees

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ERP Software Works?

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Connect all dots

Connect All Dots

Our OctaBees ERP software integrates various departments and functions within your business, fostering better communication and collaboration. Centralized data and processes optimized workflows, enhance cross-functional collaboration, and enable faster decision-making.

Integration with external stakeholders improves communication, order processing, and supply chain management for better customer satisfaction.

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Reduce your operations cost

Reduce Your Operations Cost

Our OctaBees ERP system automates and optimizes processes, eliminating manual tasks and reducing the risk of errors. Centralizing data and workflows eliminate duplicate efforts, reduces labor costs, and optimizes inventory management.

Data-driven insights further identify inefficiencies and enable informed decision-making for cost reduction.

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Get real-time

Get Real-Time Insight

Our OctaBees ERP system provides real-time insights into your day-to-day operations, allowing you to monitor metrics such as production output, inventory levels, and resources allocation vs utilization.

This enables you to identify inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

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Track your field

Track Your Field Representatives

With our OctaBees ERP software, you can easily track and coordinate your field representatives. Assign tasks, schedule appointments, and track their real-time location to ensure efficient use of time and resources. Optimized communication between office and field teams enhances collaboration and improves customer satisfaction.

Experience the power of our OctaBees ERP software and take your business to new heights with real-time insights, efficient field representative tracking, reduced operations cost, and connectivity across your organization.

Industry Solutions

Pioneering Possibilities: ERP Solutions for Every Industry

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Implement OctaBees ERP software for Solar EPC companies to optimize operations and enhance efficiency. Improve project management, resource allocation, and cost control. Integrate modules for procurement, inventory management, financials, and customer relationship management. Access real-time data for informed decision-making and achieve easy collaboration across teams. Maximize productivity and drive growth in the renewable energy sector.

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Implement OctaBees ERP software for optimized operations in the manufacturing industry. Improve inventory management, production planning, and resource allocation. Enhance quality control, traceability, and compliance. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize overall productivity.

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Streamline your engineering industry operations with OctaBees ERP software. Manage inventory, track stock levels, and monitor purchases using serial number and barcode tracking across multiple warehouse locations. Stay on top of assigned tasks to ensure accountability and maximize efficiency.

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OctaBees ERP software is a strategic asset for the trading industry. It streamlines inventory management, demand forecasting, and supply chain operations. Real-time analytics provide insights into market trends, optimizing procurement and pricing strategies. Vendor and customer relationship management tools enhance collaboration. OctaBees ERP empowers traders to make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and maximize profitability in a dynamic marketplace.

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OctaBees ERP software revolutionizes Wind Energy EPC projects. It centralizes data, optimizing wind turbine site planning, resource allocation, and equipment management. Streamlined scheduling adapts to dynamic weather conditions. Ensure subcontractor coordination and regulatory compliance. Real-time cost control, budget management, and analytics boost wind EPC project profitability, enhancing productivity and cost-efficiency.

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Implement OctaBees ERP software for construction industry excellence. Centralize project data, optimize resource allocation, and enhance project tracking. Streamline scheduling, equipment management, and subcontractor coordination. Ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards. Gain real-time cost control, budget management, and analytics for improved project profitability. Boost productivity, cut operational costs, and deliver projects efficiently.

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Simplify and Consolidate: Access All Your Tools from a Single Interface.

We developed a new-age software for the organization, the field staff, top management, and the marketing team to scale and optimize the business operations with on cloud and on-premises, accessibility from anywhere anytime and from any devices.


See What Our Clients Say


“In East Africa, challenges in software installation and project execution were prevalent. Our solution arrived as OctaBees, an exceptional software. OctaBees captures all our processes, enabling streamlined quotations, customer tracking, and comprehensive project management, including HR modules and accounting – all consolidated at one place. Initially, process understanding, and optimization posed difficulties. However, OctaBees has streamlined our timelines, transforming complexity into efficiency. It’s an outstanding EPC software, highly recommended for any company. Grateful for the transformative impact. Thank you.”

Francis Romano

“OctaBees has been our dedicated software partner for a considerable time. We truly appreciate their enthusiasm and holistic support in all aspects. Collaborating with them for solutions has significantly expanded our reach to clients across India. This boost from OctaBees solutions has empowered us to extend efficient services to our customers.”

Bhavesh Modi

“OctaBees has been our dedicated software partner for a considerable time. We truly appreciate their enthusiasm and holistic support in all aspects. Collaborating with them for solutions has significantly expanded our reach to clients across India. This boost from OctaBees solutions has empowered us to extend efficient services to our customers.”

Jay Thakkar

“OctaBees is exceptionally designed to meet the requirements EPC companies, smoothing our processes. This software is instrumental in making accurate and timely decisions, providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for EPC companies. We’re highly content with its performance, considering it one of the best CRM solutions we’ve encountered. Remarkably, it’s cost-effective and fully cloud-based, eliminating the need for substantial upfront investments.”

Chetan Shah
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