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Why EPC Companies needs built-in project management software in ERP?

Any small or large enterprise that aims to grow and expand operations can benefit substantially from using ERP software to streamline tasks and procurement in the company. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is software that integrates business processes such as manufacturing, finance, operation, supply chain, and human resources for improved management.

As a project management software, cloud-based ERP proves highly productive, accessible, and efficient. It gives the massive advantage of lower upfront costs and being able to access business-critical applications from any location at any time. One such trusted ERP software is Octabees.

Why EPC Companies are choosing this New Wave of Technology for Project Management

  1. To Empower Teams

    • An ERP software automates many processes giving more time to the teams to perform fulfilling roles and focus on growth. Looking forward to higher roles is a major motivational factor.

    • Reports, dashboards and intelligent tools in the ERP assist in informed decision making as well as performance monitoring, creating further opportunities of advancement.

    • Streamlined processes prevent errors and increase efficiency.

    • The ability to access information about employees working in office or remotely or in field is a perfect gateway for management and stakeholders to share updates and enhance team productivity.
  1. To Optimize Business Operations

    • Rather than investing in a series of resources to manage the business, ERP offers an integrated project management system to support your business growth as well as the increase in the volume of processes.

    • When the 5 major business processes – finance, human resources, logistics, production ,and sales are working in sync, greater goals are achieved. An ERP software offers the base for optimizing procedures for each of these departments.

    • It gives you  comprehensive control over the organization and the ability to work with data from different departments at the same time. This facilitates better planning, simplification of tasks, order management, timely deliveries, purchases, resource allocation, budgeting, billing, transport ,and more.

    • Easy creation and access to documentation are possible in real-time.
  1. To Maximize Customer Satisfaction

    • Customer experience is slowly becoming the most powerful marketing tool, equipped to overtake price and product. To garner its benefits, ERP becomes an essential tool for most companies with a large clientele.

    • It helps in fulfilling the high customer expectations and demands along with a personalized experience through effective use of the software for project management.

    • At a time when brand competition is intense, a seamless experience at your end can be a key differentiator.
  1. To Transform Their Services

    • When the system is integrated well, it reflects the outcome and customer expectations. ERP has helped companies discover that selling the outcome rather than the product itself has helped them achieve more sales.

    • In a fast developing and technology-driven world, it is quite possible to get obsolete unless a company adapts and updates itself to changing consumer demands.

    • ERP software allows easy access to the company’s information and data to utilize for analysis, planning , and upgrading.
  1. Reduce Cost in Many Ways

    • Replacing traditional project management systems can spare you from errors and inaccuracies along the way, saving a ton of damage or delay.

    • Rather than hiring resources for processes that can easily be automated saves the cost of salaries and benefits.

    • Consolidation of processes yields better results, saving time, energy , and costs.The  company can utilize resources to thier full potential and plan purchases within budget.

    • The ERP software ensures regulatory compliance that can save foreseeable legal expenses.

    • On average ERP can reduce overall administrative costs by 22% and operational costs by 23%, making it an attractive project management software.

If you are thinking about the investment in implementing an ERP for your company, then understand that the cost is indemnified by the several advantages and savings it achieves. So, regardless of the size of your company, it is time to transform digitally and make way for growth with the perfect ERP solution.

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