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Tired of your Field staff excuses

Tired of your Field staff excuses

Has my field staff arrived at the destination yet? Are they really working or just goofing around? Are the goods delivered on time? Is the work done on time? Many questions are raised when you are having an onsite staff to manage. If you believe that this is all about easy and comfort than you are way too wrong as you might face a lot of hiccups.

  • Assigning Task: Assigning task in the first place is a very hectic duty to do. When every staff member is on the field it becomes tough to assign tasks to every person individually.  
  • Collaboration with field Team: Having a large number of teams with 10-15 people working on the field, it’s very difficult to coordinate with all of them at the same time. This may lead to decrease in efficiency and leads to less productivity. 
  • Status Update on Activity: Whenever a task is given to the particular employee it is difficult to get the status update of the activities. It’s hard to get a daily update on the activities assigned can be time consuming. 
  • Information Sharing: It is always not safe that the information shared is secured. Sometimes the critical information which should be shared like the cash flow and makes it a little risky. Many times wrong information is passed due to lack of communication on the field.
  • Data Collection: It’s always easy using a spreadsheet to use and manage data but, collecting the data with all the reports and on time from all the employees on the field is always quite difficult and sometimes errors are identified which gives an inappropriate data.

This is where Octabees EPC ERP software enters the scenario. Well, Octabees EPC ERP software giving a cutting edge to the EPC companies is software built with a powerful and user-friendly Web & Mobile application specially designed to reduce the chaos of all the EPC companies by streamlining small to big projects with seamless set of modules which helps in successful execution of the project with rightful planning, tracking, and analysis, also keeping a close eye on the project progress and cash-flow. It also reduces the cost, material and time, enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.

Providing power packed integrated modules such as CRM, Quotations, Project Management, Inventory, Purchase, Invoice, HR, Expenses & Advances, Manufacturing, Tender management, Finance, O&M, Complaints, Repair and Replace Task Management and helping the organization to reach the next level.

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