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Losing control on Project Cash Flow? and so the profitability

Losing control on Project Cash Flow? and so the profitability

A great man once said, “Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the lifeblood of the business”. Being not aware of the cash-flow of your ongoing project can be a major problem that extensively affects the profitability of the company. Losing the profitability of the companies just because of the cash-flow management is not healthy

  • No availability to real-time data:

The most common problem in cash-flow is maintaining the real-time data of all the projects. The availability of all the receipts and the papers which are needed. Whenever the goods are dispatched, sent or replace the serial number or the full information is missing sometimes.

  • No Process setup to retrieve cash flow:

Whenever a new project is assigned there needs to be some plans made in order to develop the project i.e. where the money needs to be spent, what amount of goods needs to be ordered. A proper strategy should be prepared in order to retire the money from the market. 

  • Time-Consuming and Tedious if done using excel or manually:

Most of the people are using excel or entering the data manually, which is a very tedious and time-consuming process, leading to inaccuracy. Sometimes wrong data are entered by mistake which creates confusion in the cash-flow management.

Here, giving a leading-edge solution Octabees EPC ERP Software is built with a powerful and user-friendly Web & Mobile application specially designed to reduce the chaos of all the EPC companies by streamlining small to big projects with seamless set of modules which helps in successful execution of the project with rightful planning, tracking, and analysis, also keeping a close eye on the project progress and cash-flow. It also reduces the cost, material and time, enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.

  • Realtime cashflow on the project dashboard:

Giving an immediate real-time cash flow for all the ongoing projects which graphical representations. 

  • Realtime profitability:

Solving the problem of accounting all the real-time profitability by showcasing it on the dashboard.

  • Cashflow on Mobile App for each project:

By developing a user-friendly mobile application and displaying the overall cash flow on the application is the most user-friendly way for solving all the problems of cash-flow management. 

Providing power packed integrated modules such as CRM, Quotations, Project Management, Inventory, Purchase, Invoice, HR, Expenses & Advances, Manufacturing, Tender management, Finance, O&M, Complaints, Repair and Replace Task Management and helping the organization to reach the next level.

Schedule a demo and get an inclusive idea of Octabees EPC ERP Software. 

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