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4 Ways ERP Can Transform Your Team’s Productivity

4 Ways ERP Can Transform Your Team’s Productivity

Streamlining processes is essential for the smooth running of any EPC company. Managing teams and keeping track of operations play an integral role in this process. Imagine resources with no structure or uniformity scattered all over the place. It would become frustrating to organize and run efficiently, leave alone keep up to schedule and deliver within the timeline. How about you iron out the creases with ERP software?

Major EPC companies are using Octabees ERP software to optimize business operations, manage CRM and utilize resources to their full potential, thereby maximizing revenue, production, and benefits.

The Benefits of ERP as a Catalyst for Team’s Productivity:

1. Updated Archive of Skills and Roles

‘The human resource’ is one of the best and the most valuable assets of a company. It requires detailed measures and valuable steps to manage this vast resource. Being aware of the current workforce’s skillset is imperative for many situations such as:

  • Hiring new staff for current needs as well as anticipated or upcoming projects.
  • Identifying skilled employees for key projects and roles
  • Devising new strategies and plans based on resources at disposal
  • Replacing managers and other staff from within or outside hire in case of departure
  • Preparing for new business ventures

The employee management system in the ERP software provides an updated summary of the company’s workforce along with their skills, experience levels, expertise and availability for projects within the organization. This clear understanding of the resources helps in relevant allocation and right usage.

Additionally, it also keeps track of certification or license validity/ expiration of employees if required for any skill.

2. Alignment of Right Resource to the Right Task

Every task needs the right person for the job. Allocating the wrong resource for a task is a common mistake in EPC companies with a lot of employees to keep track of. The ERP software generates a report of the resources, their skills, experience and current assignments. This assists in mapping the resource to the task appropriately.

Certain questions can be easily answered with such a report in hand:

  • Do we have enough resources to take up a new project?
  • What is the competency level and skills of current workforce?
  • Do we have the necessary skill set required to create the perfect team for the job?
  • Are the necessary certifications obtained or are there any in the pipeline?

Sometimes knowing the answers to these questions is vital even before the company signs a new project. Not aligned resources in the right way results in delays and performance failures which can severely affect the outcome. With the right software to assist management, company can capitalize on resources and achieve desired results.

3. Discover Gaps and Potential Skills

Skill gaps are often encountered while, creating the dream team for a project. Systematic management of skills helps realize these gaps beforehand, so the company can take the prescribed steps to bridge them. A lot of delays, failures, loss of time and budget can be prevented this way.

Tracking your employees’ skills, competence, allocation as well as their weaknesses also provides an opportunity to train them for future roles suitable for them. Moreover, to bridge the skill gaps both formal and informal learning drives can be organized . Employees adapting to new challenges and skills helps a business thrive and stay relevant.

4. Increase Competency and Manage Efficiently

To increase productivity, efficiency and success, any organization needs to constantly upgrade and broaden their workforce’s competency and skillset. There is always the risk of becoming obsolete. With the rising competition in the market and advancement of technology, the increase in revenue is directly proportional to the proficiency. The system accelerates the devotion and management of time, energy and budget in this direction.

Lately, all organizations track employee skills but traditional methods such as Excel sheets which are of the past. Efficient management of systems in an EPC with ERP software ensures easy updating, tracking, accuracy and access, thus playing a major role in every step of the management process. Organize information and handle the processes by team engagement and monitor their efficiency with an easy to use CRM and one of the top ERP software by Octabees. With the added bonus of being customizable to meet the needs of your project, it is a cost-effective and practical solution that will allow you to grow your business.

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