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Why OctaBees ERP Software is the 1st choice for EPC Companies?

Why OctaBees ERP Software is the 1st choice for EPC Companies?

Everybody is well aware of the booming solar industry market all over the globe. According to recent research, it has been said that solar has been the top two renewable energy sources used not just because of pollution awareness but because of the ease of usage, efficiency, and effectiveness. Having a wide range of applications from water heaters to refrigerators and much more. With this growing industry, the solar EPCs are facing a lot of trouble in managing right from project management, Inventory management, warehouse management, Money revision from the market, managing the field staff and much more which result in less productivity and profitability.

Well, here is where the OctaBees EPC ERP software enters the scenario. Well, OctaBees EPC ERP software giving a cutting edge to the EPC companies is software built with a powerful and user-friendly Web & Mobile application specially designed to reduce the chaos of all the EPC companies by streamlining small to big projects with seamless set of modules which helps in successful execution of the project with rightful planning, tracking, and analysis, also keeping a close eye on the project progress and cash-flow. It also reduces the cost, material and time, enhancing the overall productivity of the organization.

Inventory Management:

Control all your inventory system right with a click. It is very important to keep a hand on your materials i.e how much inventory has been used, how much needs to be ordered or who much will be used in the upcoming project. This inventory module can help you with the material management with a proper report in your store, warehouse and maintain the stock efficiently.

Costing & Quotation:

Costing and Quotation has never been an easy process. It includes many factors like land survey, design, material, installation, labor and much more. Well, providing an effective way to calculate the cost of the project and preparing a good quotation format will make things effortless and is less time-consuming.


Purchasing goods is a big responsibility required for manufacturing with the right quantity, quality and right time. Helping with RFQ, approval, and deliverables at the right place and time.

Project Management:

It’s been always said that if you fail to plan then you’re going to fail. The Project Management module gives clear visibility to your project and actions can be taken accordingly.

Field Staff Management:

Managing the field staff is quite tiresome to work as the workers reach the site at the right time, the task assigned has been completed or not, the communication between the workers is carried on smoothly or not. This all can be managed by the field staff management module easily.

Tender Management:

Many EPC applies for government tenders which becomes hard to keep a track on the tender’s submission date, query date and much more, whereas, this module fulfills the needs.

HR Management:

Streaming the various fields of the organization from payroll, hiring, development everything is managed by the HR module.

Providing power packed integrated modules such as CRM, Quotations, Project Management, Inventory, Purchase, Invoice, HR, Expenses & Advances, Manufacturing, Tender management, Finance, O&M, Complaints, Repair and Replace Task Management and helping the organization to reach the next level.

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