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Reducing Chaos of all EPC Companies

OctaBees ERP Software is one easy-to-use, entirely customizable, and flexible solution. Empower your organization with real-time data-driven predictive insights to make appropriate decisions. Collaborate with your team and streamline your business operations and unleash your business success.

  • Get real-time visibility and control the over costs and cash flows and improve profitability
  • Plan, scheduled, and utilization of materials with effective inventory management slashing the over usage
  • Improve overall business operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Make sure decision-makers have correct and updated information at the click of a button
  • Help you cater all the customer requirements
  • Smoothly execute the projects and minimize the cost of all EPC projects

OctaBees software can provide project management tools that allow companies to track project progress, manage timelines and budgets, and allocate resources effectively.

We developed a new-age software for the organization, the field staff, top management, and the marketing team to scale and optimize the business operations with on cloud and on-premises, accessibility from anywhere anytime and from any devices.

  • Customizable Dashboard for individual departments
  • Role/rights based access system
  • Multilevel Approval Workflow
  • Customizable Quotation Templates
  • Site Survey/Service Forms
  • Upload PO and PO Detail from Customer

EPC companies rely on a complex supply chain, which can involve multiple vendors, suppliers, and contractors.We can help companies manage their supply chain by providing tools for procurement, inventory management, and logistics. EPC companies need to manage their financial operations effectively to ensure that projects are profitable.

ERP software can provide financial management tools, including accounting, invoicing, and billing, that can help companies manage their finances and cash flow effectively.

OctaBees ERP software can provide analytics and reporting tools that allow EPC companies to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions. This can help companies identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations.

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