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Bulgaria’s ‘largest’ power plant

Bulgaria’s ‘largest’ power plant

Bulgaria’s ‘Largest’ PV project.

According to European solar PV EPC contractor SUNOTEC,  12% capacity will alone increase the country’s solar power generation. The project will be 124 MW in size.
SUNOTEC is building a 124-MW solar power facility in the Verila mountains range of Bulgaria.
It has been under construction since September 2022, and it should be finished and operational until spring 2023.

The solar power plant’s position is one of the most challenging and unusual in all of Europe. It is constructed between 700 and 1,000 meters above sea level with slopes as steep as 18 degrees.

“Our own permanent workforce exclusively carries out the construction of our solar parks,” says SUNOTEC CEO Bernhard Suchland. “Given the exacting standards and level of expertise required on the construction site, we prefer not to work with subcontractors.

According to Kaloyan Velichkov, “We have to provide significant amounts of additional renewable energy in the shortest possible time frame. This is a Mammoth task”. We are proud to build solar power plants like the one in Verila, which make a vital contribution..

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