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Poka-yoke is also called error-proofing. When a problem involves human error, it is important to address it with an opposite error-free solution. Poka-Yoke is the suggested plan of action in all cases where there is a dependency on human alertness for correctness. Following are Human errors and how OctaBees helps to prevent the same.

Error In Communication

If there’s a crucial requirement for any important information from other individuals, then such operations suffer very high risk. This can evolve in total disruption or unavoidable delays in the process. Here, OctaBees ERP acts as Poka-yoke which provides a system that stores all important and necessary information in one place, eliminating the person’s presence risks and reducing the delay introduced within cross-departmental communication.In addition, information is presented in a variety of formats, such as dashboards and reports, to ensure that information is easily accessible and meaningful to decision makers.

Accidental Errors

In these cases, when an employee is new to software or enters data obtained from external sources that contain an inconsistency between data or some information is not available, employees tend to make mistakes. Software shall prevent those mistakes by proper data validation. ERP Software like OctaBees can be configured with controls such that incomplete sales orders cannot be released for production until a true manufacturable configuration is posted.

Exhausted workers frequently lose sight of basic safety procedures, drop off at work, and even handle large machinery when drowsy. If this occurs again and again, it could warrant human error research. The poke Yoke method senses a problem and stops a line or process so that corrective action can take place immediately, thus avoiding serial defect generation. ERP Software like OctaBees can be configured with controls such that incomplete sales orders cannot be released for production until a true manufacturable configuration is posted.

Willful Error

Willful Error means any action or omission by the participant that was not in good faith or errors of judgment or decision-making where the “intended actions are wrong” i.e. where we execute the wrong things believing it to be right. Person does not know how to perform task properly due to unfamiliarity or lack of training. Consolidating all of your information onto one platform and automating as many of your procedures and tasks as you can through enterprise software OctaBees helps to cut down on Willful entry errors. It also frees up your employee’s time to concentrate on their other duties. Additionally, if the employee doesn’t take action quickly, the software raises the situation to a higher authority.

Forgetfulness (Not Concentrating)

Time is money, and it can be challenging when you forget to accomplish anything. You feel disappointed and frustrated when your team does not follow through with their promises. It wastes everyone’s time, as well as costing money. In addition, this makes you doubt your own abilities – which leads to even more disappointment and frustration.Octabees ERP software helps you to remember your important tasks without losing your productivity.

Errors Made  By Untrained Workers

Your employees are busy trying to do their jobs efficiently. While they are in a rush to complete tasks, they can miss important information and create errors.
However, when training is inadequate, problems can arise. Octabees ERP software prevents the system to accept incorrect data from the user. Hence Octabees software can save you from errors caused by untrained employees.

OctaBees can prevent mistakes by following key aspects of the software:

Data Validation &Controlling
Permission-Based Access
Dashboards & Reports

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