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Check daily performance of your field staff

The DPR (Daily Progress Report) tracks project operations and progress. Project managers and stakeholders can track progress in real-time. Importantly the module is designed to help project managers and team members track the progress of projects on a daily basis.

Moreover, OctaBees Software generates a DPR in various forms such as a Kanban view of the daily progress reporting.

  • Daily Progress Report updated by Field Staff from Mobile App
  • Notify the job status assigned
  • Update the check-in, check out time
  • All Daily Activity, Jobs, Expenses can be visible for the Daily Progress Report
The DPR module in OctaBees ERP software typically includes the following features:

Task Management: The DPR module allows project managers to define and manage tasks for the project till tracking their progresses.

Resource Management: DPR module allows project managers to allocate resources, including staff, equipment, and materials, to different tasks, and track their utilization.

Issues and Risks Management:  The DPR module allows team members to report issues or risks encountered during the project. Later, project managers track and manage them.

Time Tracking:   This module allows team members to log their hours worked on different tasks, and project managers to track the time spent on different activities.

Progress Tracking: Daily Progress Report module allows project managers to track the progress of task, and generate reports on the project progress.

Collaboration: Daily Progress Report allows team members to collaborate and communicate with each other, and share documents and other project-related information.

Project managers and stakeholders can track progress and make informed decisions with this module. DPR aids in ensuring that the project remains on course and that any problems or hazards are quickly resolved. Moreover,Project managers can monitor the development of a project in real-time. Additionally, DPR module helps improve communication, collaboration, and visibility of project activities.

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