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Transparently managing employee expense claims

Expenses and payment management are important functions in ERP software.

Expense management typically involves the tracking and reimbursement of employee expenses, such as travel, meals, and other business-related expenses. Additionally, OctaBees enables you to automate this process by allowing employees to submit expenses for approval and reimbursement, and providing managers with a real-time view of payments and budgets. Moreover, this helps to reduce errors, streamline the approval process, and improve compliance with company policies and regulations.

This module has interlinkages with all the modules in the system that consolidates all the financial information to manage the day-to-day finance operations and generate a richer level of financial reporting to support business decisions. OctaBees Software offers a module where you can track your staff’s daily expenses such as labor charge, travel, food, accommodation individually, and get added to your accounting sections.

  • Configure expense head such as travel, food, labor
    charges, accommodation, etc
  • Rental, Labour charges & more
  • Upload Bill photos using a mobile app
  • Approval, Rejection, Partial approval of Expense
  • Muli-level approval workflow
  • Payment to employee
  • Employees can check the balance reports
  • Capture expenses for project cost center

Managing payments in an acceptable way

Payment management involves the handling of payments to suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Octabees software can you help with this by automating the payment process, including invoice creation, approval, and payment. The software can also integrate with other financial systems, such as bank accounts and accounting software, to ensure that payments are processed accurately and on time. This helps to reduce errors, streamline the payment process, and improve cash flow management. It  allows  flexible payment scheduling and automation.

The integration of expenses and payment management functions in Octabees software can help businesses save time, reduce errors, and improve financial management processes.Overall, OctaBees ERP software,  helps businesses manage their financial transactions effectively, improve their cash flow, and streamline their financial processes.

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