Solar Pump

Solar Pump Management

OctaBees Software has provided one of the best solutions for a solar EPC is the Solar Pump Management functionality which enables managing the solar pump project along with the subsidiary data. Ease of tracking the progress of the project and also centralize the record of beneficiary data in the software itself.

These are the salient features included in the web app for solar pump management:

  • Tender Management
  • Project Management
  • Beneficiary File Upload
  • Work Order Creation
  • Print JCC and Other Documents
  • The subsidy, Payment, Due and more Reports
  • Beneficiary Share collection
  • Purchase & Inventory
  • Project Management & Tracking
  • Expense & Payment
  • HR (Employee, Leave, Timesheet, Payroll)
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Costing & BOM Preparation
  • Project Profitability
  • O&M (AMC, Complaints, Services)
  • SMS & Email Notification, Reminders
  •  The tracking of the inventory and the project after the installation can be simplified by the farmer through uploading the data,   photos using a mobile application. Controllers, solar panels, and much more are assigned by a serial number according to the respective projects.

    Following are the mobile app features listed below for a solar pump project installer:

    • Detailed Site Survey (Including regional language)
    • Detailed Installation Form (Including regional Language)
    • Photos with Latitude, Longitude, and Address
    • Document Collection
    • Beneficiary Signature
    • Payment Collection
    • Serial Number scanning of Modules, Inverters, and Controllers
    • Installer Login
    • Material Receive & Request
    • Update Project Progress
    • Location Tracking
    • Upload Expenses with Bill
    • Approvals of BOM, Leave, Expense, PO for top management
    • Project Progress & Profitability for top management
    • View beneficiary Details
    • View Project Detail
    • Upload Photos
    • Assign Serial Number of Pump, Solar Panels & Controller

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