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About ScrumBees Technologies

ScrumBees Technologies was established in 2013, smoothly executed more than 250+ projects catering to major clients of South Africa, the US, UK, and Denmark. Started as an IT company with a major focus on offering innovative business solutions. Our team consists of 30+ dedicated experts including software developers, software architects, business analysts, support and implementation, HR, and business developers.

ScrumBees Technologies gradually started to evolve by serving numerous clients all over the globe providing different automated solutions Web App Development, Mobile App Development, CRM Development, Integration Services, Business Intelligence, Database development for various industries including finance, renewable energy, logistics, engineering, and much more.

Our vision is to empower every EPC business by delivering niche industry solutions with our outstanding products. The goal is to fulfill every challenge faced by the companies for seamless business operations with the utmost quality and standards. We value delivering reliable and cutting-edge solutions to streamline the business, centralize the processes, and optimize the operations of all organizations by creating new possibilities of the leavering technology.

Our Mission is to reduce the chaos of all EPC companies and enhance productivity and profitability. 

Our Services

Expertise meets the technologies

Web App Development

We develop enterprise-grade web solutions to meet numerous corporate needs using the latest web technologies with high security and scalability

Mobile App Development

We assist you in building mobility solutions to bring your business to the small screen and increase productivity from anywhere, anytime

CRM Development

We help you to grow your business by building you a suitable CRM with an entire customized automated sales process.

Integration Services

We help you to leverage the benefits of multiple third-parties tools through seamless integration with APIs and data connectors

Business Intelligence

We help you to design intuitive dashboards and flexible analytical reports offering you forecasting capabilities to make right decision at right time

Database Development

We assist you to build feature-rich enterprise data driven application with user-friendly interface and robust architecture

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