Tired of using unreliable spreadsheets & traditional generic software?


All-in-One Proven solution to boost productivity and profitability for Solar, Wind, and Engineering companies.

OctaBees Software is a cutting-edge solution to drive the efficiency and effectiveness across all inter-department by streamlining, centralizing, and optimizing the business operations and reducing the chaos of all EPC companies.

Why Octabees?

OctaBees is the fastest-growing enterprise software with cutting-edge cloud and mobile applications to manage end-to-end processes of all EPC companies. We mainly focus on efficiently solving the problems for small-to-large scale business and offer the best solution to the ever-changing market dynamics of all EPC Companies.

  • Manage Any Size and types of projects: Regulate all size of projects from small, mid-size, to large (KW to MW) scale projects with a various different types of solar, wind and engineering projects
  • Robust, flexible, and scalable: Single robust, flexible, and scalable platform designed to fulfill all organizational levels requirements
  • User-friendly: An extremley user-friendy web and a mobile application built for any level level of staff for ease of business operations
  • On the cloud and on-premises: A fast, secure, and a simple solution of providing the software on the cloud and as well as on-premises according to your preference
  • Customizable workflow: A fully customizable and configrable workflow to meet all business operation challenges


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Real-time Visibility of Cash-flow

Real-time visibility of cash flow for all projects which will give you upper hand to boost your organization's profitability

Plan, Track and Analysis

With accurate means of planning, tracking, and analysis, keep a close eye on the project progress and material usage

Notifications & Escalations

Get SMS, Email & Mobile App notifications for Activities & Delays to keep you informed

Feature-rich Mobile App

Hands-on tools for Field staff, Marketing team, and Top management and keep you connected from anywhere

Media & Documents

Manage customer specific photos, videos, and documents at every stage of operations

Insights & Intelligence

Get the actionable insights through intuitive Dashboards & Analytical reports to track & Analyse KPIs

Simplify your Work, Increase Productivity

With an excellent interface and powerful features you can be more focused on regulating your warehouse and projects adequately.


Seamless execution of your end to end processes


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Enhance your sales performance and unlock new opportunities by automating the sales process

Project Management

Utilize your resources effectively & collaborate with your team for efficient execution of Projects

Inventory Management

Elaborately track your material movements between suppliers, projects and warehouses

Purchase Management

Controlled procurement to pay processes to accomplish on-time purchases

HR Management

Manage your employees with an integrated system and effectively boost the human capital

Tender Management

Consolidate the documents and deliver the best bid through evaluated tender process

Finance & Accounting

Organize your business finances and gain high performance, sustainability, and future growth


Scheduled and On-Demand Services with improved capabilities and diligence

Trusted By 150+ EPC Companies

First choice for leading EPC companies

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